Lead Paint Structural Steel Contractors

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List of Structural Steel Contractors by Region Served

List of Lead Structural Steel Contractors(Companies) (Risk Assesor,Visual Inspector, Inspector Technician)
Employeraddress1address2citystatephonefaxRepresentative FirstnameRepresentative LastnameInspector TechnicianRisk AssessorVisual InspectorStructural Steel Service
Concrete General, Inc. 8000 Beechcraft Avenue Gaithersburg MD30194844503019488273Phillip S. Perry
G.C. Zarnas & Co., Inc. (S) 850 Jennings Street Bethlehem PA61086609236108664065Stephen C. Zarnas
Mediterranean Construction Co., Inc. 6903 North Point Road Sparrow Point MD41047728524103882129Margie Laskaridis
Titan Industrial Services, Inc. 4054 North Point Road Baltimore MD41047718574104771859Michael Forakis
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